Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Thanks for all the comments I've been getting recently, its lovely to recieve them and know what people think about all the things I blog about. In addition, I just got an emial from my little bro, I say little, but actually he is 6ft 4, and built like a brick shed, he is little in the sense he is 14 months younger than me, but anyway back to the point, he just read my blog and told me it was soooo cool! Out of all the people that like my blog, I think that his approval probably means the most to me, it made me blush, and grin stupidly.

So Wonderwool is approaching, and as usual, I'm still dyeing and packaging and stuff, and probably will be up until the night before, but I Have a few special things to take which are new to the shop, some super soft silk yarns, which I dyed up at the weekend, which I will probably put in the new arrivals later, obviously the superwash merino dk, which is cashmere soft, and some cashmere fibres, which I will sell undyed and dyed, its not arrived yet, but I find it so hard to go to work when I know there are lovely fibres arriving which I neeeeeeeed to dye, for me  for my lovely customers, and there is a lovely garden which I need to be in. My sink/kitchen overlooks the garden, and I can say that I now actually wash up, just so I can look out the window at it. hehe.

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