Thursday, 31 May 2007


So its 6.55pm, i'm drinking a glass of wine and waiting for cardiff stitch and bitch to arrive at my house for some serious knitting, and boy today do I need it.

I am now a single gal again, me and sweetiepie decided we would make it much better as freinds, we have a tonne of fun together and I'm still not quite over the whole marriage thing yet so here  I am a single bird. Feeling quite mellow about it really, and a little sad, but its for the best.

In addition Nan still very ill, so I have been knitting for therapy quite alot recently.

I purchased a little treat from this lovely lady I can't remember which yarn it was, but its super to knit with and I have so far finished a ribbed sock and have cast on for the second,


don't look at the decreases on my ribbed bits, they are horrendous, but this is therapy knitting remember, not perfectionism, I always make a pair of socks ina crisis, I was knitting some on my wedding day.

Sarcasm? me? no!! I'M ALLOWED TODAY, OK!!

So in addition i'm working on some new kits, and here is my lovely little sample I have knitted so far;


Right thats all folks, i'm off to get drunk and drop some stitches.

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