Sunday, 15 July 2007

Fyberspates - time of changes.

The weather is doing my head in. I love the rain, and would rather have the rain any day to hot sunshine, however, it ain't good for dyeing, especially with the massive quantity of wholesale orders I have to do, so today we are restricted to dyeing in doors, which is adequate, but it just means I can't slop my stuff around so much, I have discovered domestos spray does an amazing job of removing dye from laminate flooring, lol. I do have a lovely little workshop, but its AHEM full of wool, probably need to sort that out seeing as this rain looks although its here to stay.

As lots of you know, I work in psychology as well as work on the business, and its taken a while to get to the point of no return, but I'm nearly there now and in October I am giving up my job to work on the business full time, and let me tell you, this is no mean feat, I don't have any other financial support from anyone, apart from when my mum sends me sainsburys vouchers, lol. There are lots of changes to the business which takes it from being a kind of full time hobby to a fully functioning business which will continue to grow and develop. You will start to see the development of the shop and the design of fyberspates, so exciting, it really is but essential for the transition. So the shop has has some little changes made to make it a little more functional for now, and if I can slop dye for england, there might be a little update sometime next week before Italy.

Hope you are all cutched up knitting people.

happy Sunday, oh and here is a new pattern for the shop,


Its not quite written up yet, and I am going to make it into some very special kits for a certain person, who I know will totally love these.


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