Monday, 9 July 2007

Rugs and sun and veges.

I had a super duper weekend, I slept alot, I think I needed it, ate pizza, drunk beer, made half a rug and went to the beach and did some beach combing with sweetiepie, and what was even better was that we had rather alot of sunshine in Cardiff. I even got a new gas hob as a suprise, and was fitted in no time, along with some slanted shelves to go under my stairs to put my cookery books on and my shower got fixed, can't complain really can I?

So I promised you pics of the rug, and I though i would throw in a few pics of the garden seeing as it is blooming. hehe.

Right so here is the rug from the back;


And this is as far as I have got, I accidently used all the fibres out of my shop, lol.


If you like to make things that are quick, this is for you, I reckon once it is warped up you could make one in about 3 and a half hours, this one is a practice really, Ahem, even though there is bfl silk blend in there, hehe, but next one I am going to add lots more texture and may keep it to creams and browns etc.

Right you gardeners out there, I need some help, I'm a little confused about my apple tree, there are these;


and these on the same tree,


Thats not right is it? I'm well confused, is it global warming? Or can you have apples and blossom on the same tree?

Anyway, these are my blueberries, there are the huge, they are larger than a 1 pence peice, I think the rain did them the world of good.


Here are small figs starting to form;


Finally some strawberries, although they are not the most tasty I have ever managed to grow


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