Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Some much to tell so little space.

I don't even know where to start. but I think I'll just sum up today to get me warmed up, then I'll tell you about the trip during the week, let it out slowly and all that.

I decided against telling you all the things I wanted to that i mentioned in the previous post, might put me in an awkard position, anyway, enough.

Such beautiful weather here in cardiff, so much so that I'm still in the garden dyeing wool at 6.30, I was actually dyeing wool in my bikini this afternoon, as you can imagine, its not just my hands that are green today, lol.

The garden is absolute heaven, tomatoes and lots of veges and things, I was getting the house all tidy and spotless for the arrival of my mum this evening, seeing as for her birthday I was taking her to manchester tomorrow, to see the scissor sisters in concert. With a little bit of shopping and dinner thrown in and a stay in a lovely hotel. I have been saving for ages for this trip, I was so excited, and this morning my dad phoned to say that she bent down to wipe something off the floor, and her back went. So she is tucked up in bed, bless her socks. Anyway I did contemplate going anyway, but I have alot of work to do to catch up from last weeks trip. Oh in addition I accidently flushed my glasses down the toilet by accident, which made me laugh my head off because it was such a stupid thing to do, at least it wasn't my Karen Millen ones, still, the house is just a little bit tidier, and I had such a wonderful day on my own today.

Addicted tomatoes and mozzarella, and olive oil, hopefully going to make a nice fresh pizza later, seeing as I am having withdrawal, I'll take photos if I do.

I'll leave you with a little pic of the leaning tower, lol.


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