Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Hmm, I just wrote a moaning post, and then I reread it and got bored and rewrote it.

So I decided that.........

I was grateful for the torrential rain we have in Cardiff,  because at least we have plenty of water and my plants are lovely and green, and we never have to worry about water strikes, and hey, so what about the wet wool.

Then I was grateful for our fantastic postal service which is here so we can actually get parcels out, and only loose about 3% of them.

And then I was grateful for being so busy, I mean I could have no orders because my products were crap, but no, they are in demand, so my huge work load is my great good fortune, I really do mean this one, it makes me more confident that I can make this baby work.

But what I am really grateful for is that my boss just said I could have two weeks off work, which means when I come back from holiday I can have a week off of work to catch up and finish all the wholesale orders, and spend some time at home and get used to my sun tan. And my mum has just informed me she is taking me to see joseph in london, lol.

Oh Italy, dear Italy, I can not wait for thee.

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