Monday, 2 July 2007

Woolfest. Blimey Charlie.

What a weekend. I think that Woolfest tops all shows I have been too so far. It was amazing, truly amazing. In addition to selling a tonne of stuff, I got to meet some wonderful people, so many bloggers, which was great. Ambermoggie came and gave me a wonderful present, I was so touched by it, i'll try and post a pic ltr, but I've lost my camera thing.

It was lovely to meet this lady, this badger, hehe that was funny, wooly worm head, had a little chat to Carrie Anne, gave some yarn to these lovely people for a couple of patterns for their new book. Lovely to meet Cairi, Chrissy, laughing hens who are now stocking my yarns, and Amanda we 'ahem', had a few too many bevvies in the pub on thursday night hehe, we had a great time, and her stand looked superb.

I know there are a tonne of other people who I should acknowledge, but it was so busy I can't rememer everyone, but thanks so much for coming to say hello. I didn't actually have time to take any pictures, which is gutting, but there are plenty of people who have some great blog posts with photo's.

Now you might be thinking what were my purchases, well, I have to confess, the only one I made was a peg loom, I simply have to make some rugs after seeing people making them. So I plan to have a craft weekend making rugs and a huge felted wall hanging, I cannot wait.  I'll do a photo walk through.

Right, onwards and upwards. hehe

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