Thursday, 26 July 2007


I"m sorry to all the Englese"s out there, but the weather is truly gorgeous here. Clear blue skies and hot sunshine, and superb food.

I think Cardiff has escaped flooding, but unfortunately my mum and dad live very near Oxford, although they are fine at the moment. My dad however had to spend the night in the sainsbury"s carpark on friday night because the roads home were blocked, bless his socks, but at least he got lots of free sandwiches and coffee, hehe.

So what news do I have to report from sunny Italy? Actually quite alot, I am learning so much about production and manufacturing, you would not believe. However, its not all good stuff, I will blog about it in depth when I get home, mainly because I need to get what I write checked first so I do nòt get sued by anyone. Lol. Well its not quite that bad, but lets put it this way if I ever get tired of my yarn career, I will probably end up working for the UN eventually on textile production and human rights, hmm, can feel blood boiling as I type. I know all my suppliers get tired of my endless quizzing, but its something I am obsessive about.

Good thing is that yarn production here (in Italy) is fine, and I am very happy to source my products from here, which is sort of what I came to find out amongst other things. But as for textiles, thats way more complicated, anyway I"ll tell you all about it when I am home.

Infact I am looking forward to telling you all about Prato, a textile production town which has a very very interesting history.

As for knitting? I have already nearly completed two designs, which I am so happy with, they are very pretty, and strangely I am having no problems knitting in the sunshine, even though it is 35 - 40 degrees sometimes.

Right thats all for now, I do have lots of pics, which I"ll upload when I am home, take care in the bad weather, and happy knitting.


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