Monday, 17 December 2007

Blimey its christmas, how did that happen? And the story of my mother and her gucci glasses

Lets start with something a little funny.   My mother.   I get at least 2 comments a day now on how similar I am to my mum, she is to say the least an eccentric, an extremely stylish eccentric, but hell she is eccentric, and thats why I love her, I wouldn't ever wish for another mum, she is why I love cooking, why I have done something crafty everyday of my life, and why I am a little bit crazy.

So on with the story. She needed new glasses, so she buys Gucci, not too sure if that was on purpose or not, but she got them and was rather conflicted about them, on one hand she was excited that she had Gucci glasses and on the other, was slightly concerned that they were a bit poncy.

Anyway the weekend before last I met her to go shopping, she told me to meet her in Evans in bristol, so I walked in and straight away I could see my mother. She was trying jewelery in front of the mirror, chatting to any person that walked past asking them what they thought, there she was, big black full skirt, huge belt, leggings, ballet pumps and a little kind of black sixties swing cardigan, and some pretty jewelery, and a huge smile on her face, she looked gorgeous! (I'm trying to give you a sense of her huge personality here), I twigged that she had new thick glasses with crystals on the sides, which I thought were fabulous, but was bombarded with hugs and kisses so I didn't say anything, then later after she told me what I was going to buy her for Christmas and we were in the queue paying for it, me a little bewildered, I looked at her glasses as she was chatting away and prancing around, 'mum, are those new glasses?" I said, I love the crystals on the side, they look so cool, "oh no darling" she said with a huge grin "these are my Gucci ones, but I thought they were poncy so I bought some stick on crystals from the village church bazaar and stuck them over the top, ever so cheap they were, I just have to keep popping them back into place because they keep slipping off!!!"

"Mum you are kidding me" and she just laughed and laughed and laughed, and thats my mum. She is as defiant as me and I am starting to see why people tell me more and more why I am like my mum.

I just noticed its christmas next week, and I kind of don't have any presents yet, but never mind, I wonder if my brother would like yarn for chrismas.........



  1. December came early this year, you're not the only one to be taken by surprise.....

  2. lol what a great mum. Can she be my mum too?
    Christmas? Did someone mention Christmas?