Friday, 14 December 2007

Shop Update

Right, I've started the shop update, I will do more tomorrow and Sunday, I am loving the colours this time, they feel very 'Grown up' not too sure why, they just do, added to that I have another new sock yarn! Yes I know, I never have enough, this one is lovely, its sort of normal, i.e. 4 ply, thin, made of merino super wash, but its a high twist, and it dyes with a wonderful texture in the colour, you'll have to see it to understand what I mean, but more importantly it takes the colour up in the most wonderful way, added to a new technique of dyeing I have perfected, I am never happy doing things the same way over and over again. Its called super wash merino in the shop.

There are lots of bamboo/merino and merino tencel, and cashmere lace, oh and some christmasy super wash dk.

Here is my fav ones:

And these super-de-duper Christmas brights:



There is also some fibres and there will be some really fun blends tomorrow with all sorts of bits and pieces in them.


Finally, I have set up a fyberspates blog for the lace club and the 12 month sock club, so that people can post their projects as we go along, each person will be given a guest Authorship so they can post photo's and comments etc. How exciting huh?


  1. Absolutely loving the teal and greens! The store seems to be out already though. When are you going to make some more????? I'm begging here if you couldn't tell.

  2. Sparklies! I love sparklies, lead me to them......