Thursday, 20 December 2007

Our little trip into paradise.

So yesterday I took a little break from work; mainly because I don't have much time off, and I needed to get away from work to give my head a break. So we went to Burford, now Carmella as you might have guessed is Spanish, and so the cotswolds are the kind of things she has only seen in films, so I thought this time of year was perfect to take her. Off we set in the van, Put the christmas carols on, and drove to Burford, and exquisite place which was a favourite visit as a child. As we passed through the villages, they got prettier and prettier, until at last we entered Burford, and oddly at the same time we had the snowman playing on the CD as we drove in (which I think added to the effect) , it was stunning, the town is so beautiful, and Carmella was nearly speechless, 'its like being in film Jeni' she said, it was amazing with all the pretty white lights and the gorgeous shops. So seeing as it was freezing, we went for an afternoon tea in Huffkins, where we had lovely sandwiches and warm scones, cream, jam and hot tea, it was absolutely magical.

Here are some pics of the day:

This is Carmella!!


Carmella grinning over her afternoon tea:


Me in Hufkins, because Carmella insisted:


Christmas court:


Carmella outside the sweetshop


So there we go, it was superduper.

There will be a nice big update tomorrow, but orders placed after saturday, I will post out next week though, the day after boxing day.

So hope you are all not getting to stressed out about christmas ;-) I'm suprisingly calm, but then again, thats probably because I am in denial.


  1. I'm jealous of your delightful tea excursion! It looks like fantastic fun.

  2. Looks like the only thing missing was snow!