Tuesday, 11 December 2007


I'm alive, lol.

I had a bit of a day off yesterday because I was knackered from traveling, it was seriously needed, the trip to guernsey was superb, but it was exhausting, the weather was very bad, which made flying a little hairy, but I'm still here so I guess they are used to it over there.

I went to research knitwear production, and see some guernsey jumpers made, what was amazing is that as a hand knitter we take for granted the flexibility we have with knitting, where as machines are so much more complicated to get the same effects and shapes, we had a go at making my wave scarf to see, and it took hours to perfect it, and the fabric was very different to a hand knitted fabric once perfected, but it was fabulous. The computers that program the machines are very very complicated, but it appealed to my programming skills no end, although it would take years to become a technician I would imagine.

I did see some original hand knitted guernseys made, and I have photo's, but not here in the house, so I will do a nice big post probably tonight or tomorrow, so you can see all the details of the original guernsey jumpers, and I will explain a bit about what I learned about what goes into making a guernsey jumper.

I have  had quite alot to update the site with, but people keep buying things before they get on to the website lol!! So next update will be Friday, and I have some fantastic colors to tempt you with.

Right off to go dye some wool.

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  1. It's all busy, busy, busy then! That must be good and selling stuff before it gets to the website saves you having to update the site, so thats good too.