Thursday, 6 December 2007


So I'm not at home.

I'm in Guernsey................. doing a little bit of yarn/knitting research.

I have pictures and a whole lot of stories to tell, but you're gonna have to wait for Sunday.

Man I love my job!


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  1. Man I love my Knitting job too. You and me both babe.
    I got your yummy greeny sock yarn and got as far as the heel flap today I am trying to finish the toe. Thes socks are destined for my craft stall.
    I fell in love with thee green sock yarn and just had to knit it up. How does it know to have a solid lime green bit just at the start of the heel flap??????????? Can anyone explain.?????
    My knitting job is the Bestest job I ever had I just soooooo love it, isn't it greaaat. Best thing is that the Inland Revenue have got Knitting as a job on their system. YiPPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!