Sunday, 2 December 2007

Christmas theme to the update

Right, I just finished the update, and it took bout 3 hours, lots and lots of yarn, yippee!!

If you click on the little arrow on the top right hand corner of the big picture on the right that always appears on every page it gives you the list of the new arrivals! Alternatively click here

I have been slightly food obsessed, and inspired by Christmas, so I have done lots of ginger, chocolate and plums. Most of the colours are very rich, deep and warm, I am really going to find it difficult to let these yarns go!

Here are a few to quite literally taste.

Nov31st_097 Ginger plum pud

Nov31st_102 Ginger chestnut pud

Nov31st_018 Choc plum pud

Yesterday after water pouring through my kitchen ceiling from the shower, I decided I needed some food therapy, so I went into town and went only to the cooking shop, lol.

I purchased a thing to make crumpets, pancakes and welsh cakes, so this morning I made some silver dollar pancakes, they were super duper:


Right, I have 6 kilos of fibres to dye now, you never know, there might be some extras in the shop for next weeks update along with the carded fibres with sparkles, lol.


  1. Lead me to the fibre with sparkles!!

  2. Oh...I love your colours. I'm on a yarn diet. Pooh. :(
    Where did you get your pancake/crumpet/welsh cakes thing?
    I suddenly feel the need for one....
    (But I'm on a kitchen goods diet as well...)