Monday, 11 August 2008

Am much better :-)

Phew! Feeling much better in the past few days, think that might be because I am at Sheila's, and I am relaxed. Flying doesn't aggree with me, and seeing as we have done 7 flights in the past 4 days its not so good, still, only 4 on the way home :-(.

Anyway I will start with the fun, so we met up with Cascade yarns, and they took us, yep, actually took us to a baseball game with 800 knitters!!! Its called stitch and pitch!! It would be so cool to have something like this at the rugby games in the UK, not football as it would be the wrong atmosphere. Anyway it was so much fun!! Especially seeing as the game is quite long, so lots of knitting time, and there were lots and lots of stands of wool. But, the only thing I bought was some rosewood dpn's. None of the yarn really inpired me, the hand dyed was ok, but it wasn't anything unusual, or different, than we can find in the UK, (we are going to more yarn shops in the next few days though, so I am still hoping to find some special things).

ok, so you want some pics?

ok so where do I start.... before we got into the stadium, there was a market outside of the yarn shops:


Of course there were a few of these:




um can you see the silk garden sock yarn below.....if I see some more I will buy some, and do a blog competition for it.


A baseball...


and my free stitch and pitch teeshirt which I will keep for ever and ever:


Ok, and then for the baseball....

Here is the screen, see if you can read what is says on the top third screen....


(pacific fabrics).

Ok now for the actual baseball.....



And the most important part....the knitters.....


And this lovely lady I was sat next to worked for pacific fabrics, which was sponsoring the event:


It was hard to get good pictures of the knitters, but there were about 800 lol!!

and this was a moose what knitting needles.....what can I say?


And well, I just had to put this one up......


Recognise this sheep oops I mean person......



  1. V nice cardi! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  2. Um...who would want Noro sock yarn when they could have Fyberspates???

    Also, my brother has season tickets to Safeco field. :) I love seeing baseball games there. I just love it.
    Oh, I'm so homesick!! Why didn't you tell me! I would've asked you to sneak my little sister back for me!
    (If you do get over Bellevue way let me know and I'll give you my mum's address. Tell them you're kidnapping my sister for me! They'll let you!!)
    Also, if you see Kara (my bestest friend) tell her I love her and I miss her. :)

  4. That stitch n pitch game sounds fantastic!!!
    Glad you are finally beginning to have some fun, sweetie :)
    Blimey, you can't go anywhere without bumping into Mr Wool eh?? *winks*
    Your yarn is all spun btw...just nrred to reskein it and calculate yardage!
    Lemme know when you're back in Blighty, and I'll post it down to you :)
    Sarah xXx

  5. Hi jeni, hope you get the 'surprise' in your email tomorrow at 4pm our time. The ball game looks like a game of rounders, ab it cissy for hunky fellas. Eh???
    That is a real good idea knitting at a rugger match.
    Irene loves her Autumn ss sock yarn, can't wait to get mine. I am totally in love with the Fun Fair and I just wish I could get about4 hmmm. Maybe one day.
    Hoppe you are well today. These things settle down, just don't touch the mooseburgers, hee, hee.

  6. HI Jen
    Sorry to hear you have been so sick!! You know either my partner or I always get sick when we travel long haul - but usually takes the form of colds/fluey etc..Am also sure its due to the air con BUT also the stress and tiredness of travelling. I work for an Airline - so yes I know!
    Wanted to tell you how much I love the beautiful colours of the alpaca sock yarn from this months club - and the alpaca is soooo soft!! Luxury. I really love your colours and I would love it if you decided to stock a cashmere blend sock yarn??
    Hope you feel better soon
    x Claire

  7. The Baseball thing looked really good- perhaps cricket over here could benefit in the same way- slightly better weather(??) and a slower game than Rugby with a lot less excitement! Anyway get well soon, I hope you took some of your yarn over there with you to get orders- see you at Harrogate/ Birmingham maybe?