Thursday, 21 August 2008

Childish humour - names

I am sometimes extremely childish, and sometimes the different meaning of words in different countries makes me howl with laughter.

This will probably only be appreciated by Brits, or people living in the UK.

I just hope that this yarn company, never ever try and sell this yarn in the UK people might wince, hahahahaha

CLICK HERE AND TAKE A LOOK AT THE NAME and weight together of the yarn on the left


  1. In the US they don't have bum bags worn around their middles to carry small stuff such as keys, cash, they have fanny packs. Maybe that name was deliberately chosen to attract attention. If so, it works!
    Just 16 days until IKnit Day :>)

  2. tee hee. that's great. i'd buy it just so i could display the yarn label proudly at the front of my stash!

  3. It's not just her name, it's the yarn weight as well! Those two words together ...

  4. That really is yarn p*rn!!

  5. LOL!
    Even as a non-Brit... guess I've been here too long.
    Thanks for making me smile!

  6. Good job I'm surfing in bed at the moment, or I'd have fallen over from laughing so much! Thanks for sharing and giving me a very cheerful interlude.

  7. They can't be serious?!!?!?!?

  8. ROFLOL. That was so funny!!