Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New treats.

So I got some treats for you guy's to spin on, oh yes, gorgeous gorgeous treats. And there are lots of them, but they are not easy to photograph so I will upload them into the shop a few everyday. They are Dragoncraft drop spindles, each one is different and unique and hand made. I am absolutely in love with them.....they are perfect for spinning yarn and are really very portable. They are nice weights too each one varies in weight, and they would make perfect presents.......
I will of course bring them to shows etc, but if you see one you like grab it, its the only one of its kind :-)

want to see some?


They are in the new arrivals and the spinning section :-)



  1. Hey, I don't spin but they are beyoootiful. Welcome back! Purlsoho is wonderful, isnt' it. I just sounded so stoopid when I started talking to the owner (she may have been in the fabric shop) trying to explain i liked the colour layout.
    I hear you're coming to london for iknit but I will miss you there.

  2. Those spindles are fabulous. They're definitely going to be the spindles-to-be-seen-spindling-with this season, and all the following ones too! If only I hadn't got 3 bog standard ones already, grumble grumble...even so...hmmm...goes off to think of an excuse for one more ;p