Monday, 18 August 2008

Back to the Rainy Isle!

So After we went to Seattle, we journeyd to Portland, and then onto Sheila's. Boy I was so damned happy to get there. And we had a great time, we met her Husband Walter who was so much fun, and the gorgeous dog Teddie, and it was lovely and restful, she has a lovely work area. We worked, ate, and chatted and had so much fun, and we planned world domination for Fyberspates in the US, and so we are starting.....its all really exciting, and will be launching a range next year, which means more travelling, and doing some shows in the USA, but I am becoming a pro at travelling now, so I don't mind, I am about 5% scared, and 95% totally excited. So as long as it stays in that balance I'll be fine, lol.

I had to show you this picture of Teddie, he's the cutest...



Well, I was due home on Thursday, which was meant to give me a days rest on friday before I did my dyeing workshop at Getknitted, and then we missed the flight connections in New York, and got stuck there, and seeing as the flight was 10pm at night on thursday, we decided to go and have a shopping trip around new York. There were two places I have always wanted to go in New York, the first is Purl Soho, which is a gorgeous yarn shop, so Gorgeous in fact, that it made me spend money on yarn, I know that sounds a bit bizarre, but I have immense self control normally, but the way this shop was laid out broke my will. I took lots of notes, I can tell you!! I accidently bought enough tilly thomas yarn to make a tank top, and some gorgeous hand dyed bamboo, again enough to make a tank top for autumn, so I need to get knitting, once I have finished my scarf and a little 4 ply cardi I am designing (although sort of can't find it) I will pop pics of all the yarn and books I bought tomorow :-).

The second Place I wanted to visit was Redlipstick, this was the home of the first knitting blog I ever read, and I remember it just blowing my mind, it was the first thing that made me realise that maybe there was a world for me outside of psychology, and to this day remains one of my favourite blogs. So I wanted to visit Stacey and her shop, and I have seen so many pictures on the blog over the last 6 years. So we went, and the shop was superb, just as I had imagined it, and it was so great to meet Stacey too, she was so lovely, I am definately taking more time out to spend with her next time I visit, it would be great fun, I just know it.

So there we go, a little summary of our trip, which is the last one for about 7 months, it will be nice to have entire months at home now, I have travelled approximately 1 week out of 4 in the past six months, which is fine, but now the crazy season is coming up I need to be there and get all my plans into action!

So I am updating the shop with things today because there are actually lots of things I didn't get time to put in the shop before I went, including some totally unique gorgeous resin spindles to add to the spinning section, and fibres and things. Then I will update on Friday as usual.

All orders will get shipped today too, thanks for your patience on those :-)

Oh and new website is being worked on, so I am hoping that will be ready in a week or so, I just need to finish the design and get it hooked up to credit card payments, and we are away, its a zillion times better than the one I have now, and it will have so much more information on it and better layoout.

Ok thats enough



  1. Welcome back Jeni!I got back yesterday morning from Toronto and am still walking into walls from the jetlag. Hope you get over it quicker than I usually do.

  2. Icant believe i missed your dyeing workshop! I'm so annoyed! Sorry to hear about the delay but by the sounds of things every cloud has a silver lining and great news about the US
    P.S do another workshop soon - please!

  3. I am so happy you had the time to visit, Jen! It was so much fun to meet you and your honey!

  4. Hope you are well. glad to know you are coming home soon.
    I am also in the process of working on my new website with my Graphic Designer, but I have a problem. No webhost. Can you let me know how to get a decent webhost. What's yours???
    Hope your new web is fantabulous. You can count me in as veiwing regularly. Can't wait to see it.