Sunday, 3 August 2008

Shop update on Monday afternoon instead.

ok, due to some family stuff, I couldn't update the shop properly over the weekend, but will do it tomorrow afternoon instead.

Funny how you can wake up thinking things are going to be a normal day and then your whole life changes, lol! And its funny how endings mean new beginnings. Lets just say, there might be a new addition to the house of wool pretty soon, and even though its because of the end of something, deep down I am truly excited. Not only that but I am sure you will get to know this new addition really well. So I will say no more for now until I am sure about things.

So obviously I am off to the USA on business on tuesday, GULP! Its my first trip there, I am excited and nervous, I'll be away for the week, so all orders in the shop placed after 11am on tuesday will have to be posted when I get back.



  1. Bon voyage, all though you are probably already on your way! Hopethe jet lag isn't too bad.

  2. Just to let you know you have been nominated for the Arte Y Pico award. Stop by my blog and find out more!

  3. Have a great trip - it sounds exciting!? Who do you fly with? I'm at heathrow.
    I may well have missed it but have you sent out this months sock club yarn?