Friday, 29 August 2008

Mammoth Shop and Fyberspates doubles/well kind of tripples actually

OK, TODAYS UPDATE is mammoth, and I really mean mammoth, tonnes of everything. Its going to take a few hours to take the photo's so I guess it'll start in about late morning. I'll update this post as we go too. And there is no rain, no trauma, no wet yarn to stop me today, feeling slightly anxious as its not normally this easy, lol! Think it was all that cleaning, its sort of cleaned my head out as well.....

And the second reason I am bubbling over today, is because Elly (chief Fyberspates Designer and owner of Magpie Eyes Designs) arrives in approximately 72 hours to join Fyberspates HQ, (including me and special invisible secret person, ofcourse). She is coming for quite a  while, well sort of semipermantently, and well I am so excited I can not tell you, it means that finally this little company which has nearly full grow wings will be getting them out and flapping into the huge big world of wool with a bit more force. It will result in a large presence in the the UK market and help with the US one too, and that makes me extremely excited. She is a super worker, amazing designer and a lovely freind who like me loves gin and tonic, and always helps me keep focused and inspired. You will see lots and lots of her, and her new haircut means she is an official fyberspates groupy, even though she will kill me for saying that!! Of course she will be at all the shows with me. How exciting!!! Yipeeeeee!!
See you later.

ok so finished most of the yarns, and some spindles, but there is more to go, Struggling to get the density of the colours with the camera, I need to sit down and read the manual this weekend, the pictures don't do the yarn justice, expecially the greens and golds.

So this week we have the addition of a new yarn, called shimmer, its a fingering weight silk soft as anything, and 400m to 100gms, its gorgeous, completley gorgeous. I decided to stock it because I keep seeing lots of lacey cardi's and camisoles, and really there is nothing better than to knit something so luxurious. There is as always enough yarn in each colour to make a garment, I always dye at least 500gms of each colour in each yarn so that garments are do-able.

Here are some of my favourites in this update:

Shimmer in Marshmallow:


Shimmer in Gold (way more gorgeous in real life)


Shimmer in Plum:


Also loving this new colour (have been messing about alot with Lime recently)

Merino Bamboo Dream sock in Lime flower:


And finally the spindles, everytime I update these, I find more and more gorgeous ones in the box, this though is totally my favourite so far.....Disco.....


So not quite finished yet, as I have more wooden hand turned spindles and niddy noddy's to add, but I need a cuppa first!!!

If you want to see all the new items added to the shop, click here



  1. That sounds wonderful! Will you both be at Iknit next week? And hooray for gin and tonic!!

  2. You are saying that now Fyberspates will be even bigger and better?? I already overspend as it is. So happy for you :>)

  3. World domination and all before lunchtime go Jen!! I think that calls for a gin and tonic....well I'm not driving anywhere and it's not raining, do I need any more excuses? ;)

  4. Ooooh. That sounds so very good! All of it.
    Can you believe that I've never had a gin and tonic? Need to try that...

  5. How exciting! Go rock the world!!

  6. I don't drink GnT its too bitter, gimmee a pint of Guinness anyday o the week. Even better i could murder a pint of Skinny Mint Chip Mocha frapp, pure bliss.
    Hope to see you at iKnit, with my friends Chez, ruth and Laureen. Can't wait to see you again. are you coming to Harrogate as well.
    World domination eh? That's the stuff, so how many employees is it now 4/5/10?? soon you will have to rent out an office block with thousands qu.ft well done, I';m really pleased for you about the way fyberpates is going onwards and soaring upwards eh?
    Oh yeah, and thanks for the web thingy my designer is working on it.