Monday, 15 March 2004

Its monday!!

Well! What a fabulous weekend!

Stitch and Bitch in Cardiff, was brill, its so refreshing to talk to people especailly Marie about knitting, (check out her beautiful jumper a top down raglan pattern from the Glampyre site.

It was lovely to meet Hannah and Heather(please check out Hannah's belly dancing evening 27th of March, in Cardiff it sounds absolutely amazing!). Hannah is working up to knitting herself a scrummy cardigan! And Heather is a very thoughtful young lady who sat on the Bitch half of the table, with A (who was too chicken to bring his socks to knit this time) and had very philosophical conversations!

I finished my top on friday from the Rowan Cotton braid, it looked fabulous and I was so excited, then I tried to put it on and it wouldn't fit over my head! I was gutted to say the least, however, I took the neck out and crocheted it around the neck line, and its fine, i'm not really sure what went wrong, apart from I am not too good at necklines!

Then I proceeded to crochet another pattern (instead of knitting like the pattern suggests) from the book on saturday afternoon at Stitch n' Bitch and finished it Sunday morning, and it didn't work is all I will say! I have frogged it and am currently following the instructions! I have a dreadful tendancy to get bored with patterns and sometimes adapt them a bit, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't! A calls the ones that don't my Frankenstien Jumpers!! Cheek!

Anyways pictures on the way!

Finally my thoughts on cotton braid: it looks lovely in the balls, but when knitted up on size 12mm needles it does have a tendancy to look a little bit messy, fabulous experience but I think I would prefer more patterns in the book on smaller needles.

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