Wednesday, 10 March 2004

Three and a half days to go!

Only three and a half days to go until 'Stitch and Bitch Cardiff!!' I am so excited! it will be my first one, as I have been trying to go for 3 months! I knitted and felted a bag yesterday, with home spun yarn and some other stuff left over from a jumper, I stuck it in the washing machine twice and the jumper yarn hasn't felted as much as the home spun one so it looks unbalanced, I won't put pictures up until i've rescued it, by sewing flowers on it or something.

Pictures are of the yarn Caroline brought me are above, I am going to start something tonight, but I havn't decided what yet. The yarn isn't Cotton tape as I mentioned in an earlier post, it's Cotton Braid!

The Books I received yesterday from amazon are on the new book type list, I like nearly everything in the Vintage Knits book, its fabulous. I have yet to read the sock book, however the Urban Knitter isn't brilliant, but they do explain how to make knitted shoes!! Just about the most exciting thing on the planet for a shoe obsessed person, not too easy to get the materials though, but I am working on it!

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