Wednesday, 17 March 2004

Psychology, Knitting and a load of old waffle.

Between running my experiments today I have been pondering the ability to tell one's personality from one's knitting exploits; i.e. project choices,colour choices,stash sizes, amount of unfinshed projects, whether you always stick to the pattern, and finally whether you frog a jumper to peices because there was a twisted stitch a the beginning or ignore the the rather large mess in the middle and wear your jumper with pride.

I think these things have alot to say about a person, I have to admit I love to try and predict what people are like from the things they do. I will have a good think about it and let you know, perhaps devise a personality test a bit like the "what wool are you?" ones, but based on real psychological theory.

Why the hell is this relevant? Well I got thinking about this because I received my lovely blue cotton in the post today so I can start making a lovely lacey top for spring, however, I need to restrain my self and finish the top I am currently doing.

If there are any dejected knitters out there who would love a partner/family who take an interest in knitting, it can have very undesirable consequences if you happen to make patterns up as you go along, start a project before you finish the previous one, and have a stash the size of a house, especially when your partner is actually a minimalist perfectionist who can't get past his first ten rows, because it has to be abolutlely flawless!

I can't start anything new before I have finished my cotton braid top, or I will never hear the last of it!

So what was my point, I realised how my whole life is mirrored by my knitting exploits, my hoarding, my flitting from one thing to another, my desire to never do what it the way it says in the book and then be really dissapointed when it goes wrong. But thats me and I wouldn't want to be any different, A is a good contrast cause he pulls me to the middle, and hence I actually get things finished, and do read the pattern/recipe/guidlines the second time around! Rant ended!

Back to fluffyness, my package of yarn has arrived from the US, but I can't have it until I pay the post office £12.60 charges!! What a bloody cheek! Still, a small price to pay for a lovely package, which I just can not wait for. Pics tomorrow.

Oh and finaly I loved Marie's jumper made with Noro, which I believe is a silk and wool mix, so I am going to attempt to blend some silk and wool and spin a yarn which is a bit different from my normal ones, and see how it turns out.

Happy knitting. :-)

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