Tuesday, 23 March 2004

My knitting Epiphany

I had the most amazing day yesterday, I finished the rib on my lacey top, and started doing the lace and cables and had a complete nightmare, I couldn't get it to go right, and I nearly didn't bother, and mentioned to A that I was going to ditch the project and try something easier (this is my Karma)!! he looked straight at me and said, its not about the end product it's about the journey, you have to put every ounce of effort into every stitch you do and it will not go wrong! So I picked it up and tried again, and by the time I had got to 11am I had knitted the entire twelve rows of the pattern repeat, and it was beautiful! I was so chuffed and shocked that it was now much easier! Then I had this complete wave of terror that perhaps that the other things in my life which I avoid might not be as hard as I think they are and if I just kept on going I could get them right as well. It was a Knitting epiphany, I can not belive how my knitting exploits mirror my life!

Below is a sample of my triumph.


The to top it off I had a fab evening with Marie, we discussed wool, knitting and more wool!! She has the most fantastic stash ever, something to aspire to!

So all in all a bit of a life changing day. Can't be bad.

Happy Knitting. xxx

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