Wednesday, 31 March 2004

Indulging myself!!

Today I received two very exciting things in the post, the first were some woven labels with 'Fybre Spates' so I can put them into my creations,( I think this is creating a good cause to have my own business oneday,(photo's tomorrow).

The second thing was my ORGANIC fibre samples from a company called Clothworks who not only sell quirky organic clothes but also sell organic fabric. So a I phoned them straight away and ordered a couple of meters of brushed cotton, (note going to breifly get on my soap box) I am so excited because my dream is to have all of my clothes organic ( this is some of the reasons why)because its better for fairtrade and the environent, and I want to make organic and recycled clothes available to people, which are really individual and fashionable not run of of the mill high street shop stuff, which is so bland and majority of which have very bad policies. (off my soap box)

I am always scouring charity shops for wool and clothes which I can unravel and make something out of(A's socks were made of recycled wool) Today the charity shop at the end of my road had 4 massive balls of wool (really thick and cream) I think they may have been knitted and unravelled, and I got them all for £6= Bargain!! I am pretty sure I can substitute it for rowan big wool and make a scrumptious Jumper for summer evenings!!

So here it starts; labels and organic fabrics, how exciting!!

PS the cotton fabric is to make a skirt for a wedding the weekend after next so there will definately be pictures on Monday!!

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