Friday, 12 March 2004

Snow! The perfect weather for Knitting!

Got woken up at 7 this morning with a massive mug of tea from A, so I could watch the snow out of the window, it doesn't settle that often in cardiff because it's too mild/rainy, but it has today. Yeah!!

I did an hour's knitting cutched (welsh slang for cuddled) up on the sofa before I went to work this morning; what a Luxury!

Only 27 hours to go for my first Stitch n' Bitch meeting, and I just can't wait. OOOh I just wanna knit lovely warm jumpers and socks! Oh, and A will model his finished socks for me tonight so we can see the finished articles!

I have also ordered some sample cards from Dragon Yarns because if I can buy the yarn undied I can dye it to my own taste, its really good value for money, and to make an experimental Jumper is not going to cost the earth.

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