Monday, 29 March 2004

Thank someone it's monday!

I never though I would be glad that a weekend would be over but I am.

We now have a new temporary addition to our household namely, my stepson Tom, who I am very glad to have living with us, but the weekend was an emotional mess.

Anyway despite complicated families I did manage to knit a bag, sew a little felt bag (need to line it and put on a handle) , finish A's cabled socks, boil my throwers waste (silk used in some paper process which has gum on it and you have to boil it to get the gum off, very cheap to buy) so I boiled it, when it was dry it came out like string, but once carded it was quite soft, so I spun it with with some soft wool and it was not bad, then I dyed it, and I obvioulsy didn't get all the gum off the first time because when it dried it was stringy again.

If anyone knows how to prepare throwers waste for spinning please, please email me!! Did a few lines on my lace top, and started a scarf with my eyelash yarn.

A's socks


Things I made over the weekend:

The knitted bag knitted with three different wools stranded together, then I used my french knitting machine braider to make the braid for the handles, and crocheted the flower to go on the front, its lined for strength and has a zip.


This is not quite finished it needs lining, and a handle, it's a trial for my craft stall.


My straw silk spinning (not a good picture)!


And finally the kittens love getting in the washing basket so I included a picture of them cause they are so cute sometimes!!


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