Monday, 5 April 2004

Well, I had thursady and friday off because I didn't feel to good, ( However, I havn't yet found an illness where I can not knit), thankfully my hands worked just fine, and I knitted a jumper on thursday with my charity shop wool, and I love it so much I havn't even washed it yet because I can't take it off for long enough!! Here is a picture:


Friday I spun some yarn and dyed it with my favourite colours, wool_072.JPG

I am getting the hang of making quite thin yarns now, but they are still going to be too warm for summer so I am just depsperate for my silk and bamboo and cotton fibre to come in the post so I can spin some summer yarns!

Saturday was Stitch'n Bitch cardiff, which was great, I brought along my friend lynette who has been dying to learn knitting, and she started off making a thick scarf made with stripey yarn in browns, and it looks absolutely fantastic, the edges were perfect, no accidental increases or dropped stitches and no changes in tension, I can't believe it!! I will post pictures when she has finished, because I am so proud of her, definately a natural knitter!

Marie was making a fantastic scarf with two yarns, it was really amazing, I hope she posts pictures soon.

Oh and I am on the arm decreases on the lacey top which is very exciting, I was convinced I would never get this far with it!

Finally I am sure everyone has seen the new issue of Knitty there are so many things I want to make.

Anyway signing off now to do some real work so I can get money to feed my yarn habit!

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