Wednesday, 14 April 2004

Ok I'll start again! Just lost my post.

A short version: Spent friday spinning my new fibres, and managed after alot of effort to produce some 2 ply cotton, which is great. It's really difficult to spin because the fibres are short and they are not slippery like wool, so it took alot of adjustments to my wheel before I could get it right. The soya is great to spin but I haven't plied it yet. Pic's soon.

Sat night went to wedding party, Sunday spent with mum and dad and nan, who is so sweet! She loved my knitting but kept forgetting that she had seen it, and got as excited each time about it.

Sunday evening we drove to london to stay with a very special friend Phillip. Went sightseeing on Monday, (all I really wanted to do was go to John lewis' to buy wool, and low and behold the damned shop was closed, however Marie thankfully came to the rescue and told me that Liberty's sell some. They only sell Rowan and Jaeger, however the colour range was tremendous. I happened to be carrying my knitted bag and the shop assistant loved it, that really made my day. I then brought Kaffe Fassets patterns library, which is so inspiring (some of the patterns are very eighties according to A) however I don't really care, it got me so excited I decided to buy 7 different colours of cotton glace, and either design a little vest top or use an existing pattern from a rowan catalogue and adjust the colour design. Here is a picture of the colours I purchased:


So if you ever go to london, I can recommend Liberty's because the shop assistants are so lovely!

Went to the National gallery, the monet's always inspire me to knit something in pale blues, soft greens and pinks!

I managed to do some knitting on the journeys, and am now half way through the front of the lace top, it's definately doing my knitting good doing this top, because I am getting so much quicker, and fluent with the pattern. I even think I could design some lace from getting used to the lace pattern.

So all in all an inspiring weekend.

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