Thursday, 15 April 2004


I had a dream last night about my grammar being so bad that I wasn't allowed a blog anymore. I think that came from reading yesterdays blog and knowing that the grammar isn't right, but not sure why!

So instead of getting excited i'll just keep it simple, and I'll start reading my grammar book, and see if I can learn it in a different way. I can computer programme for goodness sake, so being dyslexic doesn't mean I can't learn the rules of language, I just need a new way to learn them. (If there are any regular readers, try and imaging me talking instead of writing, it helps the blurb make more sense!)

Now for some knitting content after all thats why we are on this earth! Progress on the top: doing sleeve shaping. Thats it!

Oh and decided to trim down my stash a bit because there are yarns which I probably won't use, and I don't have enough room for them all (spring cleaning mode!) I was thinking of flogging them on Ebay, but if there is anyone who would be prepared to pay the postage you can have them, they are mainly synthetic fibres some grey sirdar snowflake and other strange things.

I'll have a good sort through tonight and take some pictures and if anyone takes a fancy, let me know.

Happy spring knitting.

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