Thursday, 8 April 2004

I've finished, well half of it!

So, I got up early this morning determined to finish the back of my lacey top, I did make a huge mistake, because I failed to read that I had to cast of the middle, but I recitified it without any problems:

Here's the picture:


And then just as I was finishing, a lovely parcel arrived with this in it:


It contains soya bean fibre; (silk for vegans)!! To be honest it is absolutely gorgeous, its so soft, not quite as soft as silk, but worth it considering its so much cheaper. I also got a wool and linen mix, some raw tussah silk, and bamboo fibre, which I had read somewhere was a bit scratchy, but it seemed pretty soft to me, and finally loads of cotton fibre.

So now I intend to spend good friday spinning to my hearts content, and creating some delicious yarns for summer clothes!!

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