Monday, 26 April 2004

Not finished anything! Continued with my lacey top, and the stripey one, nearly on the second peice of the back, I am desperate to finish them and start some new stuff now, But I will continue! I have found a cheap sustitute for Rowan cotton glace, (links soon). Finished spinning a skein of soya silk, and its lovely. I also ordered some samples of pure silk to knit, and have dyed them, they are still hanging on the tree in my back yard drying, and the back door is stuck closed so I couldn't be bothered to climb out the window this morning to retrieve them, but I will take photo's this evening and post them tomorrow, if succesful, I might be able to sell some on ebay, I'll have to see.

Thats it! Oh not quite, 'A' knitted alot over the weekend (he carries it everywhere with him, he is starting to be able to talk and knit as well!) and then this morning I caught him browsing through my latest Rowan mag, and he commented that he would like to knit some things from the denim book. I was unable to speak at this point for fear of screamng in delight. If he gets truly hooked, it may mean we will be sitting side by side in the south of france knitting on our Honeymoon, if this happens I will die a happy woman.

jen :-)

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