Thursday, 22 April 2004

Converting non-knitters

I was due to post a picture of my Lynettes fantastic scarf ( my newly introduced knitter) and I think it has got lost in Cyber space, I'm sure it will turn up soon.

Finished the front peice of the stripey top and am now due to start the back. Still working on the front of the lacey top, but a few lines a day keeps the unfinished projects at bay!

Converting knitters:

So now I have persuaded my partner to knit, my lodger has finished her cheen'a'bean dog waistcoat (don't even consider trying to work out where the hell the name cheen'a'bean came from, its best left undiscovered) Lynette has finished her scarf and is onto the next, my smaller stepson has knitted a scarf, what can I say? It won't be long and knitters will have conquered the world.

So thats it probably until monday, and hope fully with some pictures of somethig I have finished!!

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