Tuesday, 6 April 2004

Hmm, Nearly there

I have ten cm's to go on my lacey top until the back is done. Its very unusual for me to keep going, so just to make sure I am going to cast on the rib for the front so I go straight into it as soon as I finish the back.

Thats it really, The lovely Tom is still living with us, and shows no signs of wanting to go home, which is ok with me, I am getting used to having a teenager in the house now, and he is the politest and most helpful teenager I have ever lived with, and he doesn't even have smelly feet!!

I'm still waiting for my fibre to arrive in the post, its taking soooooo long, but hopefully ready in time for friday so I can have a spinning day. Oh there might be a trip to John Lewis' on Monday in London if I can persuade Anth and Tom to take a detour. Yeah!!!

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