Thursday, 29 April 2004

Yesterday I did manage to do some knitting during experiments but it seems as if the more I knit, the length just stays the same! I am sure this will pass today hopefully.

Yesterday was mad, as I am having a week off next week, I am trying to prepare so that I have everything finished before I go. I worked my ass off yesterday to get everything done.

Non knitting: Something very exciting happened in the evening; My friend maria who is Catholic decided to set up an interfaith meeting, so we organised it and yeterday evening we had one! I was the Buddhist representative, Maria was the Catholic one, there was a Muslim guy, Hindu woman, Morman guy and a Jewish guy. We all gave a speech about what we do and why we do it, and it was so interesting to learn about other peoples faith's, and then we had a long prayer for world peace, and loads of people turned up!. Pretty amazing really!!

Anyway back to the knitting fiance: the man is officially hooked! He knits everywhere, whenever he is chatting, and there are hours of it in our house! Not to mention that his knitting is perfect. Hmm.

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