Tuesday, 27 April 2004


I didn't even pick up my needles at all yesterday, not even for one little row! Ah I just remember that is a complete lie! Phew! I was worried for a minute there, me and anth did knit over a up of tea when we got home, (shall I just repeat that sentence again, me and ANTH knitted over a cup of tea!!!) LOL!

I knitted up a sample of the pure silk yarn I dyed, and also my soya silk, which is really fine, and has a slight texture of nylon I think, it drapes like a fine wool, and has a slight feel which is stange, I can't think of the word at the moment, but I'll amend the blog when I think of it.

I will definately post pictures of both samples tomorrow. I just had inspiration as what to do with my green tape yarn from the US, I love wearing small skirts over trousers in the summer, and I am a bit mad on sage/olive greens, so I think I may design a skirt and make a crocheted one for this very pupose! ( I am currently wearing what looks like a sarong over my trousers, which everyone thinks is lovely, little do they know I fished it out of my material box this morning and wrapped it around and tyed it up (he he).

Going now to look for inspiration.

Oooh! Only 4 days to do until stitch and bitch cardiff! Yeah!!!

jeni :-)

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