Wednesday, 7 April 2004


What can i say? Not much really, I have nearly finished the back, only about ten lines to go, then i'll post a picture.

I am determined not to start anything until I have finished this lacey top, unfortunately I think this is actually because I am so skint that in order to have nice clothes I have to make them, so if I don't finish anything I don't have anything to wear!! Hopefully however my new job starts on July 1st, which means proper wages and yarn, yarn and more yarn, and loads of unfinished projects, Yeah!!

Not included in the new projects determination is the creation of some socks, this is because because I can't knit the lace and talk at the same time, I make too many mistakes, and you can't frog lace (well I can't) because I get completely lost with the stitches. I will start some socks to knit around my family at easter so I can chat to them and knit, and save the intended Knitty project till I have finished it.

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