Monday, 13 September 2004

At last some pictures but only of wool!

So I spent the weekend going mad about heels of socks and finally found the formula from socks 101, which is my favourite. The first sock which is completed, I turned the heel and made it up as I went along because I didn't have any instructions in france. But strangely it fits, I just left 2 stitches each time on the end and knitted short rows it worked great but I prefer the fit of the formula. Here is my progress.


Notice the stripes on this wool, its amazing, the completed sock has really thin stripes, the second sock has the same number of stitches but I knitted it tighter and the stripes are so thick and look beautiful! How wierd that knitting tighter could make such a difference to the design!

Secondly I have finished a stole made from 4 different yarns: Kid mohair, rayon, a boucle, and one of my french novelty yarns. This is my first peice for my store, at christmas, I'm really not sure how to price this though, any tips?

Here is a picture of it folded:


I just need to weave a few ends in and block it.

Finally a sample of some of the wools I brought from france: they are all novelty yarns, and I'm going to make some scarfs with them for my stall.


Finally, Dear secret pal, I have been waiting for the postman every day like a child, but alas nothing has arrived, when did you post it?

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