Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Bizarre happenings in the Brown household with out coffee!

So on honey moon I drank no tea, only espresso, therefore when I got back to Wales, tea tasted of ditch water: so I decided that I just might give up coffee and tea altogether and see what happened. As a result I've had headaches and felt like crap but nothing really bad.

However, on Sunday I had rather a bouncy day, then yesterday I felt incredible, I had so much energy I was flying, no need for an afternoon nap in my office (Note here, I'm kidding, I don't really but I always feel like I want to.) I had a great afternoon, but got home to a caffeine withdrawn husband, who is not taking it as lightly as me, (he has fever, sickness and other unmentionables). But my bounciness just strengthened his resolve to keep away from our new espresso maker.

So I thought to my self with my new energy; "I'll go and do an amazing shop in Sainsbury’s and get loads of very healthy food for my sick husband". So off I went and spent nearly two hours in there carefully choosing my food, and chatting to people I hadn't seen for ages, it was lovely, with the hugest trolley of shopping, I came to pay and I realised that I didn't have any money not to mention that it cost a fortune. So being the nice staff that they are, they popped my trolley in the chiller, and undeterred I cheerfully drove home and got my purse, nearly getting petrol on the way, but remembering at the last minute that I didn't have any money, thankfully, that might have been more complicated! And went back and paid an extortionate amount of money for my very healthy food. Got home and anth looked a picture, lying on the sofa with 2 jumpers, a dressing gown, a woolly hat, and the heating on!

So now it's nine pm, and I’m usually crawling around struggling to stay awake, and clean my teeth, but NO! I took everything out of the fridge cleaned it all, cleaned the kitchen and made my self a gluten free fish finger sandwich! Made Anth some bread and jam and a cup of caffeine free tea. settled down and went to bed happily.

Woke up this morning with tonnes of energy and decided what he needed was a special Juice blend made in our juicer, so I popped some apples and carrots in it, and it made a funny noise and black bits came out in the resulting juice! Oops! In my enthusiasm I managed to not make sure it was correctly fitted together and I have mangled it up completely.

SO not only did I spend loads of money on juiceable fruit and vegetables but I have just mangled a very expensive juicer. Oh but it doesn't end there, so I made porridge and blended some cranberry juice and blueberries, Note here: Don't try this at home, it’s very sharp and dry, even I had stomach cramps after that! So I then had to get ready for work, in-between trying to pacify my sick husband. So nearly there, but no keys! I searched for a LONG time and then went out to check the car, and as I walked back to the house they were there dangling from the door from last night from the shopping, we could have been murdered in our beds! Note here, however I am still calm and still happy.

So what’s the moral of the story? well there’s two actually, No coffee = too much energy, which equal using things you can't normally be bothered with and breaking them, going shopping when you normally get a takeaway, and spending much too much money because you are cheerful enough to by fruit and veggie’s. Basically the equation is No coffee = Very expensive, but a clean kitchen.

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