Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Wool coming out of my ears!

I was feeling rather sorry for myself this morning because I am itching to get knitting but I am so busy and even this evening I am working so I can't knit :-(. Then my phone rings and my lovely freind Jasmine, who stayed with us for a while, phones me on her mobile from a local welsh market and says 'oooh there is some lovely hand spun wool made from jacobs sheep fleece and another fleece, and it's spun at the farm up the road, would you like some?' I said um, YEEEEEESSSSSS! And then she even told me she was going to buy it for me as a gift!!! What a lovely girl! I am sooooo lucky!

Moral of the story? Preach about your obsession people, PREACH!

By the way you may be noticing the theme; 'moral of the story' cropping up alot lately, this is due to over exposure of star treck where there is a moral in every tale.

Pictures on their way!

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