Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Feeling perkier (he he!)

I am feeling much better this morning, I have a full blown cold but I can actually think in straight lines again, and last night I managed to do a good amount on my Noro tank. Hopefully with a bit of effort I may be able to finish it tonight!

Since Anth was rather poorly last week, he had taken to snuggling up on the sofa, with a pot of fruit tea, knitting his jumper and listening to radio 4. I have to say this is my favourite thing on the planet, and I sort of thought that he was doing that because he just couldn't do anything else. But yesterday morning, his first morning back at work, he just said, "Oh I don't want to go to work, I want to do my knitting and listen to radio 4". I was rather dumbfounded, and last night we were walking home from work, and I mentioned we could have something nice for tea to cheer us up, and anth again said, "OH yes! and we can cutch up (welsh slang for cuddle up), knit and listen to the radio" Again, I couldn't believe it! So we knitted and knitted and in the end I had to tell him to stop, because he kept saying, 'just a bit more'!

And get this, He even sat and looked through my new 'Knitting on the Edge' and was deciding which lace and cable pattern he liked so he could design his own scarf to make for his mum for christmas!

Yesterday I decided to book my places at the craft fare in the Welsh museum, only to find out there is not a christmas one this year! There is one in the town centre, but it costs about £60 - £70 a day. I don't think it is really possible to have a place for three days only, it's for serious crafters. So I was really dissapointed, but at least I can start on all my christmas presents and time my self doing things, it will be good practice, I think I will determine not to buy anything this year and make all my presents, anyway my mum has declared that we are not having any christmas presents this year because she is giving all the money to an RSPCA animal shelter, I have to admit I thought this was a rather fabulous idea!

Here is a picture of the wool my friend brought me from monmouth market. The big Skein is Jacobs wool and the lighter brown ones are Manx something, I'm not too sure, but its definately scrummy, and will make great scarfs and hats. (appologies for the plastic bag on the left)


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