Friday, 1 October 2004


I havn't even had time to post before now because It's just been mad!

I have been knitting to de-stress, and anth and I decided to make a cardigan and hat for baby Georgia, who is one on saturday, and is having a party. We decided we'd go with something home made, but anth doesn't knit very quickly so I'm not sure we'll get it finished by tomorrow, not only that but it's acrylic wool and it feels horrible to knit with, however, the pattern is very simple after we have cast on the fluffy edge, so I am tempted to finish it off on my knitting machine, providing I match the gauge, it will be a breeze, we'll see.

On the noro tank front, I haven't done any more than last time, however here is a picture if the very neat front with lovely decreasing, I'm so proud! I will put the pattern here if it works.

Here it is.


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