Wednesday, 13 October 2004

London part 3, Beads, buttons and habu.

So we went to the Habu stand which was really quite odd, there was yarn but the quantities were more suitable for weaving and were mega expensive. However that didn't really make any difference! there was a knitted cardigan which was made of paper yarn and mohair, I thought this was amazing, so I got some paper yarn here is a picture:


I also found tiny bundles of yarn with fluffy bits along it, I am going to knit this on about 5mm needles and strand it with the very finely spun steel from Habu!

Here is another picture!


Ok, so I needed beads and buttons to put on the things I make so here is the first one, which is just mad! Its really really huge, but will complete a collinette cardigan I made 2 years ago.


And here is a picture of my coat which desperately needed livening up, I saw these and straight away and knew that these buttons and my coat were meant to be!


Sorry about the picture it is bad lighting, it's been raining non stop and even with the lights on it looks like I took it in the middle of the night!

Oh and nearly finally here are a few ceramic buttons which I love.


And finally yesterday evening I managed to dye one of my skeins from texere yarns, in greens and blues ready for making a special wrap I have designed, which may be exhibited at the cardiff Knit and stitch show if I'm lucky, so i'll post a picture of the yarn tomorrow along with my lorna's laces and some scrumptious hemp yarn, and another glass bead which refuses to be photographed.

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