Friday, 22 October 2004

Not much knitting going on, but thats about to change!

I can't carry on with my "water wrap" until I get some more beads,

no glove progress yet, because it needs a good amount of my attention because I haven't done it before, and have not started on my colinette because I'm scared and I like the idea of have such wonderful things in my stash. The solution?

Get over myself and damn well start!

Funny thing is, in the good old days, when I couldn't understand patterns I would try anything, now I have got into a rut and can't just cast on and see what happens, which is usually when the most amazing things occur. So this weekend I am not knitting anythng which requires a pattern from a book.

I will swatch up my colintette and experiment with it, I will spin some mohair and see what happens, and finish my water wrap.

Is there anything I have done? well yes a little:

I have finally finished my hello yarn sock and have cast on for the second, these are all mine and no body is having them, they are so cutchy and warm. (cutchy/cutch is the welsh slang for cuddle)

here's a picture:


I cannot wait for Marie to come back from San Francisco and show me all her goodies, I especially like the pictures on Mariko's Blog of the knitting bloggers trip out. I will hopefully see all the lovely things on monday evening at Stitch and Bitch.

Finally, this afternoon I am going to show carmen our LYS so she can get some yarn for a project and then we can go for coffee and do a bit of knitting, Yeah Baby Yeah!

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