Monday, 25 October 2004


I had a wonderful weekend, full of crafts, parties, and exersise.

So saturday I finished my first glove, and cast on for the second, oddly I followed the instructions for a womens medium sized glove, but it ended up too big for me but perfect for Anth. I am happy with this, but I need to check the sizing a bit more next time.


Sunday was reserved for spinning, and knitting. I decided to spin some mohair singles, it's quick to spin but it seemed very difficult to get the fibres to lay flat, they seemed to stick out at every opportunity.


This is about 4 ounces.

I then decided to have a go at mixing silk and wendsleydale, I carded it together with handcarders, and when I spun it, it left tufts and looked crap. So then I tried sort of feeding them in together and here is the result. I am very pleased, it's very shiny and soft.


I need to dye it and dry it to set the twist. I will dye it with the mohair and some of the yarn I brought from London, so it is from the same dyelot, and then knit them all into a scrumtpious top.

Talking of mixing yarns, I still haven't done a swatch for my colinette.

Finally, I managed to knit a large chunk on my water wrap, I'm nearly a third of the way through, but it needs to be finished my friday, so I am going to have to get a move on.


Anth actually started to sew his jumper together, it looks great, but he is unhappy with one of his side seems and wants to do it again before he models it.]

In the afternoon, we went for a really long run because we are training for the london marathon, and went running for 1 hour and 35 minutes (about 12 miles)!!!!!! I have never run for that long before, 40 minutes was the maximum! I just feel so good, awake, and alive!

The weird thing is I am losing a little bit of weigth because of running, BUT it comes off everywhere apart from your hips and bottom, and just serves to accentuate them! AHHHHH!

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