Monday, 18 October 2004

Second attempt.

So here goes my second attempt because I just clicked the wrong button and lost my post.

Ok so this weekend was meant to be knitting, dyeing, spinning and knitting on my knitting machine, I managed a few things but no dyeing and spinning.

I did however manage to make a rayon scarf to dye in lots of colours, on my knitting mcahine, (bottom left) and made a swatch for my linen I brought in London, I washed and blocked it, and it has the most wonderful drape, and is not rough at all, I can't wait to get started on a jumper on my knitting machine. The swatch is the top right.

I also washed and blocked a brown wool swatch, which is also lovely, I have some plans for this too.


Secondly I cast on for my water theme shawl, I used the loopy yarn I dyed (in the last post) with a strand of rayon and a strand of kidsilk haze. I also put clear beads onto the kidsilk haze and it looks like water droplets! I'm very pleased so far, but I need more beads, you can't really see them very well on this picture.


Finally I cast on for some gloves with the last of my silk garden, they are coming on very well, they are quite chunky and fit Anth perfectly, it's the first time I have ever made gloves, and they are not anywhere near as hard as I though they would be, although Anth did have to help me a little bit when I got stuck!?

Oh yes and he actually finished all the bits for his jumper yesterday, so I am hoping we are going to block it tonight so he can start stitching it together.

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