Friday, 15 October 2004

Madness, knitting and stitching parts 4 & 5.

Yesterday I was trying to see if I could create an animation for one of our experiments, I was having so much fun building my walking chicken, I forgot to update my blog!

So here we are with the two parts together.

I purchased a number of Addi turbo needles because Marie uses them and swears by them, so I got four pairs.


Two paris of these will be used to knit up the Lorna's lace yarn I brought:


I was drawn to these colours, they will be perfect for socks for Anth.

Secondly I brought some hemp yarn, which is good for the knitting machine, it is undyed, but I've got some special dyes which will work on them. I'm not sure whether to knit a garment first and then colour it, or colour it and then knit it.

I said I would make scarfs from the hemp, and Anth suggested I shouldn't make anymore scarfs on my knitting machine, but instead break out of my comfort zone and have a go at making a jumper instead, I coughed loudly at this suggestion but I think he's right, so I said I would, only if he helped me set up the very complicated knitting shapey sizey thing that attatches onto the machine to make patterns easy.

He agreed, but I'm sure only because we have more scarfs that a scarf shop.

Here is the hemp, hopefully the next time you see this it will be a top, or jumper, Hmm.


Once washed the hemp has a fabulous drape, and feels really quite soft.

Now its the moment you have all been waiting for; COLINETTE!

I'm really glad the colours are quite accurate on these pictures. I brought 11 skeins of yarn all in the same colour way, but different yarns.

Here are 7 skeins of point 5.


Here are 2 skeins of silky chic and 2 skeins of the cotton and rayon ribbon, the name escapes me.


I was thinking perhaps and amazing jumper with these or a poncho. my mum has expressed the desire for a poncho, but I'm not sure these colours are really you are they mum?

I think I could use the green colintette I brought although I'm not sure there is enough. Hmm.

Oh last but not least, my alpaca, mohair and wool boucle I brought from texere, and dyed tuesday evening, to go make into the wrap.

here :


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