Thursday, 7 October 2004

Thanks again secret pal!!!

Yesterday evening on my way to visit Marie I went to the post office to pick up an unexpected parcel, only to be fantastically suprised with my second secret pal package, I was very chuffed here is what it in it:


There are a set of beautiful hard wood double pointed needles which will be perfect for socks, a ball of scrummy sock yarn, some Noro kureyon in such lovely colours (I have already decided that this will be another mini tote, I've been dying to make another one. A 'yarn is love' pencil and a lovely card. It is a wonderful package thankyou secret pal!

I went to Marie's house so we could share our projects and also to plan our weekend in London at the Knitting and stitching show. The programme looks amazing! I am especailly wanting to go to the Habu yarn stall and also get lots of Noro. Marie has an excellent selection of noro pattern books, and I am absolutely hooked, so I guarentee there are going to be lots of pictures on monday. I am soooooo Excited.

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