Monday, 11 October 2004

Oh my goodness me, what a weekend part one 1

Ok, so I going to have to serialise this in probably about 5 parts to get everything in not to mention to show you all the things that I brought. The show consisted of alot of knitting and alot of stitching and quilting. Thankfully I am not that bothered by stitching so we (Marie and I) managed to get to see all the knitting things in two days which we needed to. So in the up and coming posts will be: Colintette, Habu, lorna's laces and some great unknown british yarns, lots of things for Dying, and weaving and spinning!!!

So to start, we made our way to Colinette and it was amazing, here is a picture I managed to take, although it not very good because people were fighting to get to the yarn all the time we were there!


I started off by buying 3 skeins of zanzibar in the pierro colourway, and 2 skeins of shimmer 5 in the toscana colourway. I am hoping to get a small jumper from these, using both, I'm haven't quite decided how yet!


I also got some silky chic in the tapis colourway.


There will be more colintette, which to be honest is one of the most lovey yarns I have ever seen, but I am saving that for my last post.

There were quite a few exhibitions and there was a number of graduate showcases, they were fabulous but 2 graduates certainly caught my eye, here is a couple of pictures of work which I didn't record the names, but if anyone really wants to know I can find out:




However my 2 favourites were very simple but the work was beautiful here is a lovely top made by Lisa pattinson:


And my favourite, Amy Harrington from Manchester University:


Her work used shape in such a wonderful way, the garment above was done by felting mohair.

Ok, thats all for today folks, but i'll try and have a spinning and dying theme tomorrow!

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