Monday, 4 October 2004

A rather productive weekend.

So after being so busy last week, I was so up for getting loads of knitting done. Firstly, my ribber for my knitting machine came through the post on saturday and I was very very chuffed about that, I don't do much machine knitting because it's just not the same as hand knitting, but I do like the idea of doing some of the boring bits on the machine and then finishing stuff off by hand. So having been severely restricted without a ribber I decided to see if it could knit up some of my Rowan four ply soft into a scarf, and after a couple of disasters, I mastered it and came up with this:


it's really really soft and took.......... wait for it! About 15 minutes to knit and about 20 to cast it off the machine because I'm not very practiced at it yet, the cast off edge is not very good, but I'm working on it. I plan to add a nice ending to it from my new edging book.

So after I had made this, I was dying to feel needles in my hand, so I cast on for a pair of socks with the yarn I purchased from Hello Yarn it is knitting up lovely, I need a toasty pair for winter. here it is:


finally I am very pleased to say I finished my Tank top and it actually fits! I can't believe it! My own designs don't normally work very well, it is quite long but I wanted it to go over a pair of nice fitted trousers, gone are the days when I let my midrif hang out!


I was surprised yesterday to read on the label that silk garden contains mohair, but, once washed the mohair really sort of comes out! It really is scrummy. Once it is dry I will take a picture of it on, and post it.

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